Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Been A While

Wow. So it's clearly been a while. The past 6 months have been so jam packed, I'm going to try and touch BRIEFLY on major things that have gone on.

January: Staging rehearsals began for Flute. A lot to do for our February opening. Michael Cavanagh is an amazing director. Prep for grad recital ongoing.

February: Reading week rehearsals for Flute. Amazing growth vocally and mentally. I am conquering Pamina and gaining vocal confidence. I am finding it hard to leave the daily rehearsals and go to bed. I want to stay in the Theatre Auditorium until midnight! I love what I do.

Flute performances are amazing. One of the best productions I've ever been a part of. Opera Canada reviews Saturday night performance! Singing in the Sanderson Centre in Brantford is a dream. Beautiful hall, beautiful acoustics. Glorious. Pamina is a vocal landmark for me.

Papageno and Pamina (moi) singing 'Bei Mannern'

March: Having trouble coming down off of my Flute high. Still a lot of prep to do before my grad recital in April. This now becomes my main focus.

April: Grad recital is a big success. I pulled together my 12 minute Russian aria just in time! Prep for Opera Nuova and my gig with Kitchener Waterloo Symphony become my main focus. I am accepted into St. Andrews Opera Workshop in NB!

May: Classical Comedy (KWS gig) a huge success. My own dressing room complete with piano, fridge, and bathroom. Luxury after Laurier. I leave for Opera NUOVA the day after my final KWS performance.

NUOVA: This gets its own heading because about 12 months of stuff happened in 6 weeks. The most amazing six weeks of my life. Broadway concert, success! Aria Extravaganza, success! Song Soiree performance, success! Rehearsals for Rusalka from the beginning=a lot of dancing and singing at the same time. Ahhhh...the life of a wood nymph. I am given an understudy while I am there. The Foreign Princess in Rusalka. Big sing, quick learn! Success! Possible FACH change in the future? Who knows.

Kim arrives in Edmonton and surprises her students!!!!! Best surprise ever. Performances of Rusalka and Figaro: stunning. Two beautiful productions. So proud of everyone.

I met 60 (give or take) amazing individuals I am now proud to call my colleagues. Lots of doors have been opened for this next year. Final Monday of the program=POOL PARTY complete with gin and tonics. Great day.

Tuesday after, I fly back to Ontario. Sadness. A lot of sadness.

July: Post-NUOVA depression sets in. It takes me about a week to find where I am in the world. Toronto visit, lots of practicing and score purchasing. Donna Elvira, Tatyana and Fiordiligi: you are mine.

Opera Canada review of Flute comes out: "Stephanie Yelovich's blond, Nordic-looking Pamina was sung with great delicacy and feeling." Very humbled.

And here we are. It is the 21st of July and on the 24th, I leave for St. Andrew's, NB to take part in Wendy Nielsen's Opera Workshop. Lobster, opera, sea...what more could one want?

My following post (I'm sure) will be much more detailed. Be back in a week!