Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Hello everyone,

SO! I'm all moved into my new place. It's SO great. I have the most amazing roommates and the most amazing house. I feel like I've lived here for years. The move itself was so quick and painless and I was settled the first night we were here.

Yesterday, I went to the school to practice and I half forgot that all of the first years were moving in to their residences. The campus was crazy and full of parents and first years. My practice was great, especially because I was working on Violetta. She is a demanding sing, and I think I got a little too carried away because my voice was exhausted after practicing. I can't help it, when things start going well, I can't stop.

That night, us girls watched "Man in the Iron Mask" starring the one and only: Leo. It was made in 1998. I think post Romeo and Juliet, pre Titanic. God, I remember being so in love with him when I was a 10 year old. Thank God my tastes have changed, though, watching it was so nostalgic. Between Giancarlo and I, we have SO many movies...and I mean DVD and VHS. We are a little obsessive.

Today, I went to the school to do a couple of things and I discovered that the Second Cup in our concourse is now replaced by...drumroll please...A STARBUCKS! It's a little sad, but I was extremely excited. After my elation passed, I went to my chiro appointment. God I needed it. I also got measured for my orthotics. I'm old. I need to wear orthotics. Goodness.

The best part of the day came when Piera, Maradyn and I went to Thrive, the new vegan restaurant in Uptown Waterloo. It is honestly one of the best places I've ever eaten, and I can eat everything on the menu! YES!

I'm now currently drinking a vodka water, listening to The Doors and waiting for all of the roomies to come home. It is Sam (our friend and neighbour) and Adam's birthday (one of my 5 roomies). We are going to Sam's house a little later for party time!!!!! Looking forward to a little bit of light partying during O-Week before starting into my full schedule.

Well, I think that's enough mundane details for today.

Cheers *raising my glass*,


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